cover - God Masterpiece


YOU ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE is an inspiring exposé of the believer’s true identity in Christ as God originally intended. It delicately exposes God’s unconditional love for man in creating man in His image and likeness.


The book shows the Master Potter creating man as a masterpiece meant for the display of His glory. The book will debunk the lies of the enemy that keeps the believer in Christ living less than their God ordained purposes.


This book which has God’s creative ability to transform lives, will create a renewed consciousness in the believer of who the believer in Christ truly is as God’s masterpiece, God’s purpose for creating this masterpiece and how to live victoriously in this world as God’s Masterpiece.


God is THE MASTER. You are His Masterpiece.




ADAOHA IJEOMA DIAI is an ardent lover of God, the Word and is committed to kingdom service. She is sold out to the dissemination and the publishing of the truth of God’s Word and the testimony of God, to set people free from the bondage of ignorance.


A vibrant and prolific teacher of God’s Word, writer of Christian based articles and seminar speaker. She coordinates the Bible study department at her Church (Celebration Centre, CGMI, Abuja Bishopric Headquarters).


She is an anointed Minister of God, ordained in the Ministry of the Archbishops’ Benson and Margaret Idahosa of the Church of God Mission Intl.


She is happily married to Charles and they are blessed with two awesome children, Kidochukwu and Adachi and three wonderful grandchildren.