Under The Sheets -The Secrets of Hot Sex in Your Marriage

30By Dr. Kevin Leman

New York Times bestselling author answers all the questions you were afraid to ask about sex

Looking for the intense passion you’ve always craved but never thought was possible? Whether you’re a newlywed and have great expectations, or you’ve meandered aimlessly into predictable sex, Under the Sheets is just what the doctor ordered.

Millions have trusted Dr. Kevin Leman for advice on marriage and family issues. Now, in this tell-it-like-it-is, practical book, he shares his wit and wisdom in the hottest areas of sex and intimacy, including:

what to do when your spouse is frisky and you’re not why there’s more than two of you in your bed

the truth about women and orgasms

what your spouse really thinks about your love handles how talking can lead to sizzling sex

what “I’m too tired” really means and what to do about it

how to break the predictability rut and make the sparks fly again