THE BENIN MONARCHY AND OGIAMIEN CONNECTION by Osayomwabo Osemwegie Ero & Simeon P. Owie

cover - oba of benin


This book is an attempt to bring to limelight the issues surrounding Ogiamienism in Benin history. It traces Benin history from the Owere era to Ogisos with emphasis on Ogiso Owodo’s maladministration, the interregnum of Evian as a leader (Okaevbo) and Ogiamien’s insurgency. The history of Ekaladerhan and the Benin – Ife relationships was also brought to bear on how Oba Ewedo ruthlessly put paid to Ogiamienism with the memorable battle at Ekiokpagha in about 1255 AD which ultimately eliminated all forms of republicanism in Benin Kingdom. Concerned persons (indigenes and non-indigenes) where taken aback in 2015 when Ogiamien family tried to resurface the insurgency which had been eliminated about 800 years ago. This book once again is an attempt to trace the historical facts and highlight the truths of the matter for all people of goodwill.



Chief (Hon.) Osayomwabo Osemwegie Ero hails from the great Ero family of Urubi, Benin City. Chief Ero is one of the seven Kingmakers in Benin Kingdom.

He has M.Ed Language Art Curriculum, PGDE Education and B.A. (Hons) linguistics and Edo Language (Combined) all from the University of Benin, Benin City and Diploma in Edo Studies, University of Lagos. He has taught in several primary, secondary schools, teacher training colleges and College of Education, Ekiadolor Benin. He later joined the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in 1974 and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (F.R.C.N) where he retired in 1987. He has published many books written in English and Edo Languages. He was honoured with chieftaincy titles of OBAZOGBON (2004), EDOBAYOKHAE (Eghaevbo N’Ogbe) (2011) and OKAO of Evbuerhoba Communities in 2014 respectively by the Oba of Benin Kingdom. He can be reached on 08055828788 and 08138428887.


Mr. S.P. Owie is an educationist, a school administrator and a trained writer. He holds the following Degrees: Bachelor in Elementary Education (B.Ed), University of Calabar, Masters in Adult and Non-formal Education (M.Ed) and Masters in Public Administration (MPA) both from University of Benin, Benin City.

Mr. Owie is a member of various Professional Educational bodies both in Nigeria and abroad. He has taught and served as a school head in both Cross-River and Edo States. He is currently a full time writer specializing in cultural and biographical writings. He can be contacted on 08032479110 and