Questions worth asking before the ring

27By William Coleman

Every couple wants an ideal marriage. They want assurance that their love will last a lifetime. They want some guarantee that they are making the right decision.

Although there are no guarantee, author William Coleman says there is a way to assure yourself that you are marrying the right person. Ask questions. Lots of questions. Of yourself. Of each other and then be honest with your answers.

To get reliable answer, you have to ask the right questions. And that’s what Before the Ring is all about. This book help couples determine what questions are important, shows how to ask them tactfully, answer them honestly, and discuss them fully.

The number of petals in a flower has nothing to do with its strength or durability. Those characteristics are determined by the soil it grows in, the stem that brings it nourishment, and the leaves that capture the sun’s rays. The same is true of love. You have to examine a lot more than the blossom to know how healthy it is.