The book discusses language, linguistics and language pedagogy, teaching techniques, computers and ICT in language pedagogies, text development, lesson planning, tools for classroom presentation, techniques in distance learning and the use of internet platforms. It also discusses Standard English, New Englishes, socio- and psycho-linguistics, pronunciation and phonology, grammar, morphology and syntax, language planning and standardisation, among others.

This handy book is a companion to language students, teachers, trainee teachers, as well as students of linguistics. It is particularly important to EFL and ESL in TESOL/IELT programmes, and Communication in English, among others, which aim to impart English language skills to speakers of other languages. It is a comprehensive text within this broad confluence area, interfacing education, language, communication and linguistics, and deals with tools common to this interface; but it is not about pedagogical theories, except for its bias to Task-Based Communicative pedagogies and Learner Autonomy. Eclecticism on the teachers’ part is enjoined.

In dealing with fundamental concepts, the book adopts every-day language, to demystify the technical terms (especially) of linguistics. Accordingly, materials basic to understanding linguistics, language, grammar, pedagogy, theories of language teaching and learning are provided, to guide the practical aspects of teaching, including the requirements to engage in teaching practice, teaching supervision, constructing syllabi, test materials and testing.


The author is a Professor of Linguistics and English language, and the Head/Chair of Linguistics Studies, University of Benin. He holds a PhD in English Linguistics from the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland, and researches on English and African Linguistics, Phonology and Sociolinguistics, which impact language pedagogy. He has lectured across cultures in Europe and Africa, including the University of Augsburg, Germany, and the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is also a professional teacher, and teacher trainer, committed to TESOL programmes and text development, and the founding Editor, Coaxial Journal of Linguistics Studies and Editor-in-Chief, Nigerian Journal of Phonetics and Phonology.