Is he lying to you? – An Ex-CIA Polygraph Reveals What Men Don’t Want You To Know

40By Dan Crum

According to recent statistics, he probably is. Far too many women have been lied to, betrayed, deceived, and disappointed by dates, boyfriends, fianc├ęs, and husbands.

Dan Crum is a former CIA polygraph examiner and investigator who became concerned after hearing women’s frustration about how they’d been taken advantage of again and again. So he developed a series of strategies for detecting deception that any woman can use.

Is He Lying to You? is an in-depth course in the same tactics Crum used in the CIA. Now you can date … and investigate. You will quickly learn:

The two biggest signs of deception.

The magic way to ask a question to trap the liar. The two main reasons we miss deception. When to look and listen for deception.

How to WIN the deception game. And much more.