How To Become A Successful Orator

16By Dr. Milind Bhutkar – M.D

Effective communication with the audience is an element to jumpstart your career. This practical and easy to use book will show you how to influence your audience with crisp and immaculate presentations. Its lively style and down-to-earth advice will help you to master all the skills required for those high impact presentations which would put you in the driver’s seat in your profession. Here is a glimpse of what you will be equipped with after perusing the ‘How to Become A Successful Orator: Active listening skills, accent neutralisation, self management skills, composing the draft, using humour in the presentation, creating great visuals – both for OHP as well as for PowerPoint, memorising the presentation, conquering the presentation anxiety, presentation delivery, effective use’ of body language and handling the presentation emergencies. You name the aspect of presentation and you will find it covered in this concise book.