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ANU: An Agonizing Tale of a Girl-Child by Deede Dumka Deede

cover - anu


“Nice story, and a voice for the girl-child”

– His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Amb. Uyi Igbe

(Nigeria’s Ambassador to Mozambique)


“Deede pictures our society in such a real way that this Book reminds us of the need to protect the African Child, and correct certain ills in our society. It is a powerful masterpiece”

– Mrs. Ikwuemosi A. Osayande

(Chief Magistrate, Edo State)


Anu is a teenage girl, living with albinism, and going through severe hardship, pain and trauma. The story takes into account the issues of domestic violence against women and children, espousing the vulnerability of the girl-child in our African society and the world at large.

In addition, it spotlights a few of the many societal issues and anomalies the girl-child is faced with – ranging from rape, child labour, poor standard of education, trafficking to murder – and further strengthens calls for the protection of the girl-child.

Also, it underscores the abject poverty bedeviling a typical, average African parent and society, and examines the nature of our African society, stressing the need for rich, strong family ties and brotherliness, as our African society and the world can only get better with each and every one contributing a quota of kindness to humanity.

– Nwinaene, Vivian-Peace

(Mass Communication Lecturer, Kenule Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori).