Amongst several other things, the company is actively involved in the production of academic, career, motivational and self help books which cut across religious and secular boundaries as well as gender and demographic boundaries. e.g Journals, Academic Textbooks, Faculty Prospectus, Novels, Religious Texts, Company Diaries, Calendars, brochures, event programmes, souvenirs branding, etc.


cover - uzama the benin monarchy final


The Uzama do not make kings for Benin people. The kings are made by the Almighty God from the big home above. But they are crowned by the Uzama as they emerge with the authority of the Benin Law of primogeniture.

The Book is a narrative of the circumstances of the appearances of the monarchs of the kingdom of Benin through the Ogiso and the Ọba dynasties, and the processes of their crowning.

The book is indeed a resource material for all lovers of history, particularly those interested in Benin history and culture, as they concern the monarchs and the Uzama.



Chief Sam O. U. Igbe, MON, D. Litt (Honoris Causa), is a retired Commissioner of Police, a Nigerian Colonial Era Civil Servant, and a trained Colonial School Teacher.  A social purist and critic, he is a committed sports enthusiast.  He is a canny and passionate writer.

His other published works are:

Realities of Nigerian Education

From Birth to Death: A Benin Cultural Voyage.

Random Thoughts: A guide Through Labyrinths of Societal maze.

The Nigeria of our Dream.


He is the Benin Traditional Prime Minister, the Iyase of Benin Kingdom.


cover - what does success look like


“In a world fraught with so much unhealthy competitions and identity crisis, this book is a gust of fresh air. Read it and clear your head. The real life stories of these fifteen wonderful people will amuse you, shock you and leave you inspired to succeed.”

Bishop Wale Ajayi, Senior Pastor, The Historic Miracle Centre


“This book ought to be put in the hands of every single young person you know. Do so, they will thank you for life.”

Mene Blessing, Multi Award-winning Entrepreneur, Co-founder VETSARK


“Fifteen incredible stories so beautifully told, so impressionably articulated. There is this touch Debby Yinka Wonders leaves on every story she handles; it leaves you very satisfied and yet wanting some more!”

Hon. Esther B. Adesina, Clergy, Businesswoman and Politician


“The stories of these selected men and women merge into a lighthouse of inspiration for a generation in search of significance. Great job Debby!”

Moyo Akin-Ojo, Visionary, Manifold Grace Ministries


“The first step to achieving success is buying this book, the second is reading it and the last is doing what it says!”

Dr. E. A. Monye, PhD, University of Bath



Bestselling Author, Speaker and Creative Writer Debby Yinka WONDERS, holds a B.A International Studies and Diplomacy (First Class Hons.) from Benson Idahosa University. She is adept at Collaborative Writing, Content Creation and Capacity Development. Debby has carved a niche for herself in the area of academic excellence and is a highly demanded speaker at youth conferences, workshops and seminars. She is married to Pst Signs and Wonders and they have a baby girl – Fresh Wonders. Debby currently lectures at Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Nigeria.

A DISCOURSE ON DEMOCRACY by Rev. Fr. Gregory Ebalu Ogbenika, Ph.D

cover - a discourse on democracy


The recommendations within the pages of this most illuminating work do not only tally with the true African way of life, but are also reflective of a system of government that is both all-inclusive and all-embracing.

Prof. Jack A. Aigbodioh


The author in no less scholarly manner adopts the simple to complex method of intellectual X-ray of matters within the ambit of conceptual, historical, etymological accounts on social, political and philosophical discourses. I therefore, strongly recommend this book which fulfills both didactic and polemic requirements of a truly scholarly researched treatise for use by social scientists, philosophers, development planners and all those who love knowledge that is holistic.

Matthew A. Izibili, Ph.D.


Anyone in search of a book that beautifully explores the place and evolution of the concept of democracy in human history and yet neatly presents the intricacies of democracy as a lived experience in African places has gotten one. Gregory Ogbenika provides in this book one of the most fascinating narratives of the African side of the story of democracy.

Elvis Imafidon, Ph.D.



Rev. Fr. Gregory Ebalu Ogbenika, Ph.D., is the Head of Department of Philosophy, Seminary of All Saints, Uhiele, Ekpoma, Nigeria. He earned his Ph.D. at the Pontifical Urban University in Rome. He is the editor and author of several books. Among them are: The Idea of Spirit in African Philosophy; The Catholic Man and New Evangelization; and The Father’s Embrace: An Encounter with Divine Mercy.

THE ARCHER AND HIS BOW by Ohilebo Alexander Ojo

cover - the archer and the bow final


The author, Ohilebo Alexander Ojo, hails from Oke-Ora in Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigerian. Born into a very prominent family of Ohilebo, his father, Johnson Ohilebo Ogunleye, a veteran photo journalist was very famous during the Nigeria Civil war which was between 1967-1970. Alexander is a promising young man who has grown through interactions and words of knowledge. He is indeed an asset to this generation. He does not believe in impossibility. His most famous words of knowledge, according to Robert H. Schuller, is “possibility thinkers take great ideas and turn the impossibilities into possibilities.” His love for writing in a period when majority of his generation of youths are taking into all sorts of criminal activities and immorality is quite applaudable and commendable.

Alexander is a graduate of Public Administration from the University of Benin, in the defunct Department of Political Science and Public Administration where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in 2014. He has been a writer since his university days, having over 5 publications to his credit and many yet to be published books as well. Lies and truth is irrelevant, the best story wins. This book titled; The Archer and His Bow is recommended to every true heart desirous of the knowledge of the history of Edo State.


cover - formation the catholic priesthood and the modern age


“The present work on FORMATION, THE CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD AND THE MODERN AGE: Festschrift in Honour of Rev. Fr. Anselm Jimoh Edited by Francis E. Ikhianosime and Gregory E. Ogbenika, is a realization of one of the greatest dreams of our time- the dream of keeping the fascination of the centrality of God in priestly formation alive and attractive even in modern times. [This work], therefore, beats the drum for this harvest of thoughts from the best minds you can ever imagine. It contains a college of perceptions crystallized as a thought contribution by various authors, which will survive the physical structures of generations yet to come. [This work] sounds the drum for a piece by productive academics whose productivity is marked by happy versatility, rich variety, unfailing originality, consistent incisiveness, high voltage reasoning, limpidity of style and unwavering logic.”

Rev. Fr. Prof. Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony, OSA

Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies,

Tansian University, Nigeria.



Francis E. IKHIANOSIME is a Formator and Lecturer at the Seminary of All Saints, Uhiele-Ekpoma where he teaches philosophy at the department of philosophy. His research interest are epistemology, metaphysics and contemporary philosophy. He is the author of the book  On Marriage and Family Life: Issues of Today, Hope for Tomorrow (2016). He is a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Auchi.

Gregory E. OGBENIKA holds a Ph.D in Philosophy from the Pontifical Urban University, Rome. He is a Formator, Lecturer and currently the Head of Department of Philosophy, Seminary of All Saints, Ekpoma, Edo State. He is widely published and the author of  A Discourse on Democracy: Western and African Perspective (2019).  He specializes in social-political philosophy and African Philosophy. He is a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Auchi.


cover - common greetings of the benin people


Dr. Ekhaguosa Aisien is a Surgeon and an Author who writes on topics which concern the history of the Kingdom of Benin, Nigeria.


Earlier published works of the author are:

IWU: The Body Markings of the Edo People

·         EREDIAUWA: Prince of Benin

·         BENIN CITY: The Edo State Capital

·         The Benin City Pilgrimage Stations

·         Christianity and Edo State

·         The Edo Man of the 20th Century

·         Elegbe: The Prince of Benin

·         Ughoton

·         Benin Traditional  Marriage Ceremony

·         EWUARE  I: The Oba of Benin

·         Ekhaguosa – 2003