Leveraging Your Communication Style

14By John Jackson & Lorraine Bosse-smith

Ever try to explain something to a person who doesn’t understand your language? You can talk louder, but it won’t help! The same is true of communicating with someone of a different communication style. We must change our approach if our message is to be understood. By understanding your own style and that of your colleagues, clients, family members and friends, you can tailor your approach and content to communicate your ideas more effectively, improving both your relationships with others and your professional success.

Take ┬áLeveraging Your Communication Style’s exclusive assessment to discover whether your style is:

Assertive-bold and direct, you take a no-nonsense approach. Animated-enthusiastic and energetic, you make every fun!

Attentive-caring and compassionate, you listen as much as you speak. Accurate-precise and detail-oriented, you are always on the ball!